What is Popcorn Lung Disease

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Have you ever heard about the the popcorn lung disease and wondering what is popcorn lung disease? the disease is not about the food or snak just because there is a name called popcorn, popcorn lung is very dangerous or in medical word it called bronchiolitis obliterans.

The disease is very dangerous because there is some synthetic ingredients called diacetyl which is not dangerous in general, the main purpose of the diacetyl is able to make the cake to become more tasty or as a flavour, but it becomes more dangerous by the daily usage which is very often to be used can cause a popcorn lung disease which is a serius trouble for your health.

What is Popcorn Lung Disease
What is Popcorn Lung Disease

The Effect of Popcorn Lung

in knowing deeper about the popcorn lung, you need to know better and further about the the side effect which is not good for your health, so that you can try to consider stop on smoking and vapping. The side effect of vaping is the disease is attacking your lung with the bad cake ingredients which potentially causes a lung cancer. Another disease which attacks your lung has a big potential to ail your health That is why you need to stop immediately and move into a healthy life with have no vape and smoke.

How To Overcome Popcorn Lung Disease

If you are already a smoker and vaper for a long time, it is time for you to change the way of your own life. If you have a desire to change your way of life into a healthier one because you are wondering and scaring about what is popcorn lung disease, it is very good reason, because you are aware about the healthy life. To overcome a popcorn lung disease, you can just irectly go to doctor for having a treatment to deal with the popcorn lung, and the most important thing that also you have to do is stop vaping and smoking for a better life and to be healed from popcorn lung disease.

The professional doctor which is handling you and leading you to heal from popcorn lung must be told you that to stop on vaping, you need to be able to stop on it, even it is hard, you can attract the desire of yours in vaping by something else which is more positive. But, it is in your own choice, you are the one who decide what kind of life that you want to live in ? healthier life or a bad life with popcorn lung disease ?

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