What is legionnaires disease caused by

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Today we can feel that the weather is unpredictable. It can affect our health condition. You may suffer from the cough and fever. Is it a simple symptoms? You need to know that Legionnaires disease is not a simple thing that people can just ignore about it. Some people may think that this disease is just a simple problem because the signs and symptoms seem to be easy to be cured such as flu, cough, or fever.

Those signs may sound simple, but the effect of the legionnaires disease is very great and dangerous for you. This dangerous disease can lead to the death too. You really need to know about what is legionnaires disease caused by.

What is Legionnaires Disease Caused By

Basically, the main causes of the legionarries disease are the Legionella pneumophilia. There are also other bacteria that can cause legionarries disease are legionella feeleii, legionella longbeachae, legionella micdadei, and also legionella anisa. You should also know about the symptoms of the legionnaires disease. Basically, the main symptoms and signs of the legionnaires disease are the chills, the fever, and the cough.

People also feel that it produces the sputum. If someone gets a fever, it may be followed by the cough. There is also a case where someone gets bloody sputum or the cough up blood. People will also suffer from the headache, the loss of apetite, muscle aches, tiredness, chest pain, ataxia or the loss of the coordination, vomiting, and also diarrhea. There is also the neurogical symptoms which is included the impaired cognition and the confusion.We can also find the gastrointestial symptoms which can be the cause of the legionnaires disease.

The Important Information about Legionnaires Disease

Legionnaire disease is the form of the atypical pneumonia in the lungs. The cause of this disease is one of the types of the legionella bacteria. There are some signs and symptoms that you can feel such as the shortness of breath, the cough, the high fever, the headache, and also the muscle pains. You may also feel the vomiting, nausea, and also diarrhea. The bacterium can be found in the fresh water.

This bacterium is able to contaminate the tank of hot water, the cooling towers, the hot tubs. This condition is often spread by breathing in the mist which contains bacteria. Besides knowing about the what is legionnaires disease caused by, you also need to know how to prevent it. We can reduce the risk of the legionnaire deisease by reducing, enforcing, and writing the systematic and detail water healthy and safety plan.
You really need to know about what is legionnaires disease caused by, so that you can try to prevent it.

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