What is Legionnaire Disease

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Nowadays, we cannot predict the weather. In the morning we look at the sky and we can see the sun shines so bright. However, in the afternoon suddenly we see the black cloud and then we will see that the rain suddenly comes.

This condition makes us easy to be suffered from some health problems such as fever, cough, flu, and many other health problems. Perhaps we just think that it does not really matter. We should pay more attention on it because it may be the symptoms of legionnaire’s disease. What is legionnaire disease? You need to know more about it.

What is Legionnaire Disease

What is Legionnaire Disease

Basically, legionnaire disease is the form of the atypical pneumonia. This disease is caused by one of the types of the legionella bacteria. There are some signs and symptoms that you can see and feel such as the shortness of breath, the cough, the high fever, the headache, and also the muscle pains. You may also feel the vomiting, nausea, and also diarrhea. This condition usually happens after 2 or 10 days.

You can see that the bacterium can be found in the fresh water. This bacterium is able to contaminate the tank of hot water, the cooling towers, the hot tubs. This condition is often spread by breathing in the mist which contains bacteria. This may also happen when the water which is contaminated is aspirated.

You do not need to be worry because the spread is not directly between the people. You also need to know that the factors of infection includes the chronic lung disease, history of smoking, older age, and the poor immune function.

The Reservoirs of Legionnaire Disease

After you have known about what is legionnaire disease, you also need to know about the reservoirs of the legionnaire disease. The main thing is L. Pneumophilla. It can thrive in the water system and establish with the amoebae in the symbiotic relationship. This bacteria can survive in the water.

It becomes the intracellular parasites of the protozoa in the water dwelling. One of the example is amoebae.

This is one of the part of the biofilms. When legionella is infected by the amoebae, it will be protected by the biofilm. This condition makes the legionella becomes difficult to be infected.

You really need to know about what is legionnaire disease because the symptoms are almost the same like the usual health problems such as flu, cough, and fever.

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