What Causes Reactive Airway Disease

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Reactive airways disease (RAD) is a term that used for describe the respiration issue in children up to 5 years old. This is very common for infant’s baby and kids to cough and wheeze when they catch a cold. This is also difficult to assume whether they have asthma, bronchioles (virus that cause an inflammation or swelling in the airways) or the airway hype responsiveness.

The airway hyper responsiveness is cause narrowing the airways for the children, so that they hard to breath. You child maybe has the pneumia (lung infection) or just get the simply cold.

The medical provider for children may tell you that your kids suffering asthma that can be caused by virus or RAD. You should keep watching your kids to prevent your child from the RAD. You cannot let anyone smoke around your child that can bring harm for the lungs. You also can do many ways to get the best prevention action as well.

What are the symptoms of reactive airway disease?
The symptoms of RAD are almost similar with asthma. Children may suffer the heard breathing. They often catch cough or feeling wheeze when they breathe. The symptoms may getting worse when they sick or when they exercise. They also feeling worse breathing when playing around animals, insects ir climate changes that also can impacting their breathing process. The symptoms also usually come up when in the night or getting more horrible in the night with these following symptoms.

1. Wheezing
Wheezing is the high pitched from whistling sun heard when someone takes the breath put. Wheezing on your kids may come and gone when they were 3 yeas old. Your kid may get wheezing when having virus, such as: cold. Their wheezing may decrease when they start grow older.

2. The hard breathing.
Your child may be told you that their chest feel so tight. Their nostrils ay flare out when they try to breath. The stomach muscle or the skin over their ribs may be move deeply when they try to breathe as well. They may breath faster that usual.

You kids may get a cough that hard to go away. You may hear the crackles while they breathe or cough.

4.The faster of heartbeat.
When your child’s unable to breathe well, it can cause their heartbeats go faster than usual.

5. The runny nose.
Your child may be sufffering with the runny nose that also followed by the other RAD symptoms.

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