What Causes Periodontal Disease

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What is a beautiful life ? beautiful life is a life when we are far away from having a disease and get a healthy life. How to make our life is beautiful and far away from disease? We need to make our own life betterly by maintaining every detail in our life and separate the things that is caused us in ailed by the disease. For instance, having a disease is not very cool such as periodontal disease, what causes periodontal disease? Before we go further about the causes, we need to know what kind of disease is it? the disease is about the chronic bacteria around the teeth, this bacteria is able to be the caused of decay or in other word you will lose your teeth one by one.

What Causes Periodontal Disease and How To Prevent The Disease
What Causes Periodontal Disease and How To Prevent The Disease

The Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

To do some prevention or overcome, we need to know about the symptoms of this disease, so that we know what kind of ways that we should take to deal with it. here are some symptoms that you need to aware and notice about the disease.

  1. The gum of yours will change into reddish or even bleeding while you are brushing your teeth.
  2. Your gum is changing into swollen
  3. You will have a bed smell from your mouth
  4. The looks of your teeth would be seem much longer than usual
  5. There is a hole between the gum and your teeth
  6. The teeth of yours would be lax and decay

The Causes of Periodontal Disease

Now, we have come to the last part of this paragraph about periodontal disease, after knowing all of the things about the symptoms, let’s move to talk about what causes periodontal disease. The first main cause of the disease is because a plaque bacteria, it happens because you are not totally clean while brushing your teeth, if you let this happen without some acts, the plaque bacteria would make some decay in your mouth and get it to be swollen. To prevent it, you can flossing and brushing your teeth in advance so that it will not make the plaque increases but decreases. The plaque which is not removed when you are not cleaning out betterly during brushing your teeth that the plaque would be form a tartar which is more dangerous for your mouth. The tartar is not able to be removed by just brushing your teeth, you need to go to dentist, because dentist who is just able to erase tartar from your mouth.

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