Ways To Prevent Heart Disease

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Here are strategic ways to prevent heart disease and maintain your heart in balance healthy. Heart disease has become the leading causes from death in US and has become major causes for disability due to heart attack and stroke. Having healthy lifestyle and habit will give you healthier and bigger chance from preventing heart disease. Risk for heart disease in increasing as you get older. The greater risk is increase for those who have history for family with heart disease especially with early age, and for those for man over 45 year old and women over age 55 years old.

Ways To Prevent Heart Disease
Ways To Prevent Heart Disease

Reduce heart disease from earlier

There are several things that can be done when you are include in high risk of heart disease and want to reduce the risk. First knows the blood pressure and always keep it in normal rate. Take good habit such as exercise regularly and do not smoke. Take benefit from healthy eating diet and enough physical activity. For physical activity, you need to consider your age and physic ability.

For general, take slowly work out up to at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity for example brisk walking every week. Get healthy lifestyle by not smoking and avoid being secondhand smoke. The exposure as secondhand smoke possesses the serious health hazard. The non-smoker are getting their risk 30% with heart disease development or lung cancer from secondhand smoke. Know your family history whether there is family who has heart disease as this increase your risk of heart disease.

Healthy eating for heart disease

Despite healthy lifestyle, then there are several healthy tips from eating diet for heart disease concern.

  • Choose food that will decrease the risk for heart disease. Foods that have low saturated fat, sodium and trans fat is better for heart disease.
  • Take much fruit and vegetables. Whole grains, fish, legumes, seeds, and nuts.
  • Choose low fat dairy products and skinless poultry.
  • Limit the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages.

As you get older then get smarter about your heart health by take consultation with your doctor. Take regular wellness exams as this means that you are taking earlier screening to your health. Discuss with your doctor about your diet, daily lifestyle that might affect to your heart disease and check the BMI, heart rate, blood pressure and heart rate. Always physically active as this is best ways to prevent heart disease.

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