Understanding Aspergers Disease As Autism Part

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For those who already knew about autism, then the aspergers disease is new syndrome that seems similar such as autism. When people suffer with aspergers disease, then you can notice them as smart people such as other, but they have more problems with social skills. People with aspergers disease also tend to have obsessive focus for one thing or they always perform same behavior repeatedly. The Asperger disease is a lifelong developmental disability such as autism that affects how people perceive the out world and interact with others in reality.

Understanding Aspergers Disease As Autism Part
Understanding Aspergers Disease As Autism Part

Detect symptom of aspergers disease early

If you are parents, dad or mom, then you need to notice your children when they occurs these symptom. The aspergers disease is start in early stage life. The parents might notice that their children are unable for making eye contact. The children also looks awkward when they are in social situations and loom they are unable for knowing what should to do, what to say or respond for someone when others talk with them. Another symptom, it looks like that the children is having few emotions.

Treatment for Asperger disease sufferer

There are therapies that considered for Asperger disease sufferer that mainly focus into three core symptom from the syndrome. It considers into physical clumsiness, poor skills in communication and obsessive or repetitive routines. Unfortunately, there are no single treatments that can treat for entire three core symptom beyond. The treatment considers includes:

  • Training for social skills. The therapist will teach children with Asperger disease to interact with others and how they express themselves in appropriate ways in a group or in a session of one to one sessions.
  • Speech language therapy. This is how Asperger disease children are improved their communication skills. They will learn how to keep in two way conversation, understanding the social cue for communication such as gestures and eye contact.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy. This is how therapy for children with Asperger disease stimulated for their way of thinking. This therapy will teach them for controlling their emotions better and the repetitive behavior.

The other treatment that involves into therapy for children with Asperger disease is parent education and training. This is important for parent to know how they can communicate and treat their children with Asperger disease. In this session, parent will teach with same techniques from therapist for teach the children with Asperger disease so they can work with social skills in home and improve their skills.

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