Symptoms Of Irritable Bowel Disease

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Getting to know the symptoms of irritable bowel disease is pretty important, for many people suffer from this disease. Not only that, this disease can get chronic, where you will have to deal with it in a long term, if you do not get medical help immediately.

Understanding the symptoms will always be beneficial for you, for you can grab the treatment way faster than you can imagine. Here are some symptoms that you may want to get fond of!

Never-ending diarrhea and mucus on the stools
Irritable bowel disease does not contribute in getting a cancer or other deadly illnesses. However, it will be best to get rid of it because the symptoms that you have been through are not nice at all. There are two types of this.

One of them is diarrhea predominant. This is a condition where the patient often experiences diarrhea the moment they wake up. Even in the early morning, the person is already rushing to the toilet because the need to poop is urgent. If not, the patient might feel this right after they eat. On the mild stage, the feces will look normal.

But if this continues without any treatment, the anus might get irritated and the stools will be coated with mucus.

Bleeding on rectum followed by weight loss
Not only do the patients will have to go through diarrhea, but they also have to suffer from the rectal bleeding. At first, it will be initiated with a bloating feel in your stomach. This bloated tummy will feel relief a little bit by passing out the wind inside your stomach. One of the ways to do it is by farting or even releasing the feces.

However, this does not last long, so the patients might have a mindset where you will be fine again after you get everything out of your tummy. Little do they realize that it may damage their rectum. The constant scrape in it will cause a bleeding, where there will be both mucus and blood on the stools. At last, if you do not seek for a treatment for your doctor in this pressing situation, you will lose some weights.

The loss of weights can be pretty significant, so you have to be careful. Moreover, due to the continuous diarrhea as one of the symptoms of irritable bowel disease, you also have to ensure to stay dehydrated and drink enough water.

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