Symptoms Of Gestational Diabetes While Pregnant

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Commonly gestational diabetes occurs during a pregnancy, just in between the 24th and 28th weeks, which why it is very essential for you to know all of the symptoms of gestational diabetes while pregnant. It often occurs when your body hormones – the one that placenta produces — rejects the insulin. Basically, insulin is used by the pancreas to help it in maintaining the body metabolism as it distributes the fats and carbs inside, so you will have the precise amount of energy.

If insulin is disturbed, then it can be pretty crucial for you, for  the excessive amount of sugar in your blood might even damage your body organs, such as the blood vessels and your nerves.

However, the causes and medications of gestational diabetes are various from one person to another, so it will be wiser for you to fully get the depictions of the symptoms, as to how you will understand how to cure it accordingly.

Frequent urination
First symptom that is very obvious and easy to detect is frequent urination. Yes, a pregnant mother might have a frequent urination as well, but it is different to the common urination. Usually, even if you often go to pee – especially during early pregnancy, the urine will be light. It is pretty much distinguished, because frequent urination is due to the hormone hcg.

This often occurs in pregnant mom, since when the hormone is produced more than the usual, it will increase the blood pressure around your pelvic, which urges you to pee.

However, for those who have gestational diabetes, the amount of urine will be massive. It might even be double of the usual urination. Not only that, sometimes it will be a little bit painful during the process because of some factors.

You might help it by leaning forward when you are inside the toilet, so it will help you to empty your bladder better. However, you cannot cut out the water supply because of this, since you need to keep drinking for two consumption, your baby’s and your own needs.

High levels of sugar in your urine
Not only do you have to go to the bathrooms even more than usual, you will also find out the high rates of sugar in your urine. This can only be detected after several tests. You might opt for one during the regular doctor’s visit, just to ensure that you are free from the illness as well as symptoms of gestational diabetes while pregnant.

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