Symptoms Of celiac Disease In Children

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Various Distinct Symptoms of Celiac Disease in Children
Various Distinct Symptoms of Celiac Disease in Children

Symptoms of celiac disease in children might vary from mild to severe. Celiac disease which happens in children can be due to the genetics and exposure to certain types of foods which can trigger this condition. Children who suffer from celiac disease possibly they inherit the risk from parent. Then, this genetic factor improves into celiac disease when meet the trigger which is foods containing gluten.

This disease is particularly different from allergy to wheat. It is because allergy happens when specific part of immune system is activated by wheat and resulting in allergic symptoms such as wheezing. However, these are some symptoms which indicate children have celiac disease.

Skin symptoms
Children who develops celiac disease might get specific skin problem called dermatitis herpetiformis. However, this skin problem is more common in adults who suffer from this disease. This condition is quite rare in children especially before their puberty so that it might be experienced only few of children who are intolerant to gluten. This skin symptom can be experienced by celiac disease sufferer with or without intestinal symptoms.

If children have dermatitis herpetiformis can feel intense itchy. Blisters containing fluid also can be found in many parts of the body such as face, neck, back, knees, and even butocks. Itchy and burning feeling probably becomes annoying thing when getting this skin problem. The itchy feeling coming from the blisters can be temporarily overcome by scratching but can pop them. Even though they can dry up, but this will cause scar and dark area in the skin which is difficult to fade.

In order to know that your skin problem is considered as dermatitis herpetiformis, you commonly need to take skin biopsy. Your skin most likely will show better development especially after the sufferers of this skin problem remove gluten from their diet. It will show better improvement even requires some weeks or months.

Dental problems
Children with celiac disease frequently also show some changes on their teeth as one of signs that they cannot tolerate foods containing gluten. Children will get changes especially in their permanent teeth. The types of change can be various from one child to another.

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Some children can experience changes in the enamel which layer the teeth so that that the enamel change in colour such as become cream, yellow, and even brown. Grooves in the teeth happen to be one of symptoms of celiac disease in children.

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