Signs And Symptoms Of Gestational Diabetes

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When you are pregnant, then you have to be aware of signs and symptoms of gestational diabetes. As people know, gestational diabetes in one of kinds of diabetes that happens when you are pregnant. Commonly, it occurs due to the high levels of sugar within your blood. If you think you are safe because you have no family history who suffers from diabetes, then you are wrong. Gestational diabetes happens for around 4% during pregnancy.

This is why you have to get familiar with the signs and symptoms, cause it might be triggered by the inappropriate diet!

Unusual thirst   
There is no significant symptoms of gestational diabetes, but commonly they often feel thirsty. This is not just another common thirsty feeling. It is a more urgent and intense thirsty. You will continuously feel thirsty, even if you have drunk many water. Not only that, you will crave for something sweet for your drink, thinking it might cure the thirst, although your throat will feel dry, no matter how much you drink.

Massive fatigue
Of course it is normal to feel fatigue when you are pregnant. At times, it is followed by small aches on your joints, as you will have difficulties in walking. This is practically normal, especially if you are on the early months of pregnancy, and few weeks before you give birth. It will be a little bit difficult to differentiate the normal fatigue during pregnancy and the additional fatigue that resurfaces because you have diabetes.

In common fatigue, you will find it hard to even lift up your head from the pillow. You might even be dragging yourself to walk throughout the day due to the pain in your joints. However, the fatigue that you experience in the stages of gestational diabetes is more than that. You might feel as if your energy is totally drained out. It will even trigger the moody side of you, since the ache on your joints can intensify anytime.

You will feel as if you just want to sleep all day because you are so tired. At times, this will be followed by intense headache. This happens due to the higher rates of your blood pressure, where the blood stream has a tendency to flow to your head exclusively instead of sporadically through your body, so your head will pound hardly as one of the signs and symptoms of gestational diabetes to identify the indicators.

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