Reactive Airway Disease Treatment

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Reactive airway disease is considered as a condition that includes reversible airways. As the result, you will have difficulty to breath. If you are suffered from asthma so you are known as the sufferer of reactive airways disease. So what you do have to do to treat reactive airway disease?

The Sufferers of Reactive Airway Disease
Before learning about the reactive airway disease treatment, you have to know who the sufferers of this disease. Commonly, reactive airway disease is suffered by people around 5 years old and more. Then, the breathing is getting worse and finally they have to suffer from reactive airway disease. So, what is actually the cause of reactive airway disease? In specific, this is because of allergen and antibody interaction. This condition releases the mediator and finally you are suffered from reactive airway disease.

How to Treat Reactive Airway Disease
Let’s start to discuss a little bit about reactive airway disease treatment. To treat this disease, you should take pre hospital care. While transporting to the hospital, the doctor will give you oxygen. Moreover, they also put cardiorespiratory and pulse oximetry. Then, you are transported to emergency department care. In this treatment, you will take albuterol treatment. It is used for people with mild to moderate acute. You also need to use supplemental oxygen. Those are including nasal cannula or mask. The purpose of taking this treatment is to keep the oxygen saturation. Later, you should take beta agonist and any kind of medicines which help you to reduce the reactive airway disease.

While consuming those medicines, you will be detected and analyzed especially on your cardiorespiratory status. Everything will be maintained well to keep you in the normal condition. During this treatment, you should avoid intubation and it is better to consider the different method first. Then, you have to take albuterol as long as it is taken in the right dosage. Sometimes, you also treated with magnesium but it is not always be the primary treatment because there are still pros and cons about giving magnesium. Even, in the next level, you should take macrolide therapy. There will be some specific instructions related to this therapy because it is different than any other therapy. In the end, you should keep your health so you don’t have to suffer from reactive airway disease. Just control your eating and the type of food you are consuming. Drink enough water and eat vegetables and fruits and of course don’t forget to do exercise regularly.

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