Popcorn Lung Disease

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What are you expected in this beautiful life ? having a healthy life is a desire for all human being in this world. Much of them spending their money to maintain their healthiness, but why some people out there spend their own money to give a poison into their own body by smoking and vaping which is able to put them into a popcorn lung disease. In this part, the word of popcorn here is not about the snack or food, it means a very dangerous disease that is patching to your lung. If you do not want to get some troubles in your body, you can try to stop in vaping and smoking.

Popcorn Lung Disease
Popcorn Lung Disease

The Cause of Popcorn Lung Disease

In achieving a beautiful and healthy life, the only thing that you have to do is doing your life just fine without smoking and vaping, do not have a thought like if you stop on smoking but move to do some vapings, it is just the same, both of them are the big causes that potentially put you into a popcorn lung disease.

If you want to know why vaping is able to cause a popcorn lung disease, because in vaping contains a diacetyl which is a synthetic that is usually replaced a butter to give a flavour in a cake. Actually, the diacetyl is totally safe to be consumned, but by the over consumption, make it dangerous for good.

How To Avoid A Popcorn Lung Disease

In the last part here, we are going to discuss something that is able to attract you from smoking and vaping, because we know those are very dangerous that is able make you get a popcorn lung disease. If you are seeking a way to avoid on doing some prevention in smoking and vaping, the activities that you can do to help you out in forgetting smoking and vapping is going to the gym, running, or do some sport in a purpose of shaping your body into an atlethic shape.

Doing some others positive activity also good such as spending your money into a business instead of buying some liquids for vaping or cigarettes for smoking. Much of ways to avoid a vape and smoke, but the main thing that has an important role that makes you to not to smoke and vape is the desire of yourself which is deep from your heart that you want to stop on smoking and vaping.

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