Legionnaires Disease Prevention

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Legionnaires Disease prevention is important to be done since there is no vaccine that could help to avoid this disease. As we all know there are several factors that increase the risk factor. People will more likely developing the infection if they are:

  • A smoker. Well, it is a fact that smoking breaks the lungs. That condition will make you more easily infected by any lung infections.
  • Weakened immune system also plays huge role in this case. People with HIV/AIDS or in certain medications are more likely to develop this disease too.
  • Chronic lung disease could lead to Legionnaires since the lungs are not in good condition. Kidney disease, diabetes or even cancer could make the lungs condition gets worse too.
  • Adults who 50 years of age or more are high in risk for real.


You should know that this disease is kind of sporadic and it is already being the local problems in nursing homes or even hospitals since years. The germs in those places are easily growth and spread to the people that are pretty vulnerable to the infections. There are not vaccines of Legionnaires Disease prevention but there are several ways you can try. This disease, however, could lead to serious complications such as:

  • Respiratory failure since it happens in lungs. This condition is the result of the lungs that are not able to give enough oxygen through the body.
  • Septic shock which is the condition of fatal sudden drop in blood pressure. It leads to the decreasing of brain and kidney function.
  • Acute kidney failure could also happen if your kidney lost the ability to be working like its main function which is filtering the bad stuff from blood. It is a serious problem though.

Preventing Legionnaires Disease

It is not through the vaccines but you can work on the water system for sure. It is really important to ensure that the water system is under control. The water system should meet the regulations of relevant health and safety matters, since complex water system is the good place of bacteria.

Other than that, you can keep the water cooled below 20 C and heated the water for above 60 C. The other important thing is maintaining the water supply to free of impurities. These steps could help you to prevent the water from contaminated by the bacterium or called as the Legionnaires Disease prevention.

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