Legionnaires Disease History

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Legionnaires Disease history is quite interesting to be known. Basically the bacterium of legionella that cause a certain type of pneumonia was named in 1976 after the outbreak at the convention of American Legion in Philadelphia. Sure, this disease is identified in 1976 in States. Basically anyone could be infected by the bacteria just by inhaling the air or mist that contains the bacteria.

The disease is not spread from person-to-person contact for sure, but from the inhaling process and it is supported by the poor immune system too. The symptoms will show up in two up to 10 days after the bacteria exposure. And until now there is vaccine that can prevent the disease called Legionnaires.

Legionella Pneumophila

The history told that in 1976 CDC held investigations in large scale in States. This is also the follow-up from the outbreak of severe lungs infection that happened in American Legion Convention of Philadelphia. And from the investigations CDC found out about the new kind of bacterium called Legionella pneumophila. The bacteria spread through the air conditioning system of the hotel.

Three days after the convention, the bacterium killed a victim. Just within a week there were more than 130 people should be hospitalized and 25 of them died. Most of them were men. All of the victims were attending the convention and they also stayed in the same hotel. And this Legionnaires Disease history is kind of helping people in nowadays to stay healthy and build a good immune system.

Legionnaires Disease in nowadays
Each year in the States about 5,000 cases of this disease are reported. People could be infected by this disease just by inhaling the mist or small water droplets in the air that exposed to the bacteria. It can also happen in the droplets spread on the hot tub that has not properly cleaned before. The outbreak itself refers to the structures or buildings that have pretty complex systems of water distribution such as hospital, hotels, care facilities and also cruise ship. Through these structures, the bacteria could become something important related to health concerns especially when it grows and spreads through the water systems made by human.

The bacterium does not seem growing in air conditioner of cars. But still, even healthy people could be infected by Legionella bacteria. Besides building the good immune systems for ourselves, it is important to understand about Legionnaires Disease history.

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