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Legionnaires Disease Facts become very precise, since there have been jaw-gawking outbreaks happened in the past. In 2015, New York City was shaken up by the worst outbreak according to the New York Times, where 12 people are dead, while the rest 100 people were infected. Legionnaires Disease get the society’s attention because many other outbreaks had happened as well.

Here are 5 essential Legionnaires Disease that you need to know:

The name of the disease

The disease is named after the first outbreak in 1976 which involved many people in American Legion convention, Philadelphia. Right after they had arrived at their homes, almost 150 people felt nauseous. A month later, they suffered from high fevers that reached 107 degrees fahrenheit, before around 20 people are dead, while the rest were sickened.

However, the scientists had yet been able to identify the cause for the illnesses through some laboratory tests. Only after a half of year had passed, the doctors found out the causes of it: a bacterium called Legionella pneumophila, which lives in warm water and spread through a complex air-conditioning system.

Person to person is not how the disease is spread

You have a friend who are infected by this disease? Don’t be worry! You cannot be contaminated through person-to-person physical contact. However, you might get penetrated by the bacteria if you are inhaling the air, mist, steam or vapor containing Legionella.

Other causes might come from aspirating the microscopic droplets during shower or spa, where the places most-likely are not clean enough, nor disinfected from the bacteria.

Smoking and traveling too much may expose you to a higher risk of getting infected by this bacteria

People who are addicted to smoking and traveling have a higher possibility to suffer from this disease because of several things. First, the bacteria will grow rapidly in places with a bad air-conditioning system that use water to cool down the air.

Reports show that more than 20 percent of Legionnaires disease cases are associated with traveling, in which outbreaks often happen in public that have an easy access to whirlpools, swimming pools, hospitals, and hotels due to its impurity of the water system and temperature. Meanwhile, smokers, whose lungs are burnt by the cigs they consume, will be more exposed to the bacteria. So, get to know the legionnaires disease facts fast, and be aware of this disease around you!

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