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Legionnaires Disease CDC is also referred to Pontiac fever. The patient experienced pneumonia and it gets worse. Basically this disease is the severe infection that happens on the lung and it creates inflammation on the lung. The disease itself is caused by a kind of bacterium that called as legionella.

This disease is not infected people due to person-to-person contact but most people that infected by this disease were previously inhaling the bacteria. People that will be easily infected by the bacteria are such as elder, smokers, and people with poor immune systems.

The bacteria also lead to milder illness just like flu or we call it as Pontiac fever. Pontiac fever could get away on its own. But if the Legionnaires Disease is left out without treatment, it could get really fata. Some people experience other issues even after the treatment.

The symptoms

Legionnaires Disease CDC is commonly developing in two up to 10 days after a person exposed to the legionella bacteria. The symptoms are commonly showed up and it could be touted as the beginning of the disease. The common symptoms are such as:

  • mild up to severe headache
  • pain on the muscle
  • chills
  • severe fever that may be 40 C or more

On the third day or more the disease would show the other signs that could be severer. The next symptoms are such as:

  • cough that sometimes brings blood or just mucus
  • shortness of breath
  • pain on the chest
  • symptoms like developing gastrointestinal such as diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea
  • mental changes and confusion

This disease is primarily affecting your lungs but sometimes it could develop infections in the wounds and also other body parts such as heart.
Pontiac fever is the milder version of Legionnaires Disease. It gives signs such as fever, chills, severe headache and also pain on the muscle. But Pontiac fever has nothing to do with your lungs. Other than that, the symptoms may go away within two up to five days.

When to see the doctor

It is important to seek for medical help if you think you exposed to bacteria of legionella. If the disease is diagnosed as earlier as possible then the help could be easier, the recovery is going to be smooth and easy, and also it can avoid serious complications. So, if you are experiencing the symptoms then go to the doctor and talk about Legionnaires Disease CDC.

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