Legionnaires Disease Causes

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Legionnaires Disease cause will be discussed in this article. If in the previous articles we talk about the history and the symptoms then in this article we are going to talk about the cause. It is important to know since it can affect everyone.
Basically the Legionella pneumpohila bacteria are definitely responsible for almost all cases related to this disease. In the outdoors the bacteria can survive in water and also soil.

But the outdoors bacteria rarely lead to serious infections. The indoors bacteria have ability to grow and multiply in any kinds of water systems made by human such as air conditioners, hot tub, and mist sprayers that we mostly find in department stores.

Well, the home plumbing systems could be the Legionnaires Disease cause but it commonly develops in large scale of building such as hospitals and hotels. It is probably due to the complexity levels of the water systems so the bacteria could easily grow and spread too.

How it spreads

As we always said earlier, most people that infected by the bacteria were previously inhaling the small amount of water droplets that contracted by the bacteria. The shower, whirlpool or even faucets, or dispersing water could be the media especially if it is located in huge building with complex water systems. The outbreaks are linked to the range of several sources such as:

  • whirlpool and hot tubs especially those on the cruise ship
  • mist machines in the grocery stores
  • air conditioning systems with cooling towers
  • fountains that supposed to be decorative elements
  • swimming pools
  • equipment that supposed to be the physical therapy tool
  • water systems in building with large scale

We said that the legionella spread through the water droplets that are aerosolized but the infections could also be spread through another way, such as:

  • Aspirations that could happen when certain liquid enters the lungs. It commonly happens when you choke or even cough while drinking the infected water.
  • Soil. Just like we said earlier that soil could contain the bacteria. If you work in the garden with contaminated soil then you could get infected too.

Risk factors
The risk could get higher if you smoke, have poor immune system due to certain medications or disease, have chronic disease on your lungs, and enough to be called as old (50 years or more). The disease may spread really easy and fast so stay away from Legionnaires Disease cause.

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