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You need to know that Legionnaires disease is not a simple thing that people can just ignore about it. Perhaps some people think that this disease is just a simple problem because the signs and symptoms seem to be easy to be cured. The symptoms are fever and cough. Those signs may sound simple, but the effect of the legionnaires disease is very great and dangerous. This dangerous disease can lead to the death.

You also need to know some death cases which are caused by the legionnaires disease in Chicago. If you want to know more about it, you need to read about the legionnaires diseases Chicago.

Legionnaires Disease Chicago Case in 2012

The Department of the Public Health in Chicago gives information about the cases of the legionnaires disease cases which happen in Chicago. The total of cases are 8. Two of them have been identified and both of them dead. The cause of this case happens in JW Marriott Hotel, Chicago. The management of the hotel then try to check it. They drain the hot tub, the pool, and also the fountain. This case finally over and the authority says that there is no risk of the infection for the rest of the employees and also the guests.

Basically, the legionnaires disease is caused by the legionella bacterium. This bacteria is one of the types of pneumonia or the lungs infections. This kind of bacteria grows in the warm water sources for example the large plumbing of the air conditioning systems, the cooling towers, and also the hot tubs. People can only be infected if they inhale the droplets of water which contain the bacteria. You do not to be worry because it is not transmissible between person.

Legionnaires Disease Chicago Case in 2016

The Chicago state officials informs that there are three new cases which are caused by the legionnaires disease. This case happens at the western Illinois veteran’s home. Last year, it killed 12 people and it sickened 54 people. This condition is very dangerous because causes so many victims.

So, the departments of the veteran’s affairs in Illinois give information that there are three residents that have tested and the result is positive for the disease. The two dozens of the veterans who get tested, the result is negative.
You should pay more attention if your body shows some signs or symptoms such as fever and cough. You cannot take it easy because it may lead to the legionnaires disease that can cause the death. You can see the legionnaires disease Chicago.

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