Is Lyme Disease Curable

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If you was bitten once with a tick, and have suffered through a lyme disease, then you must be wondering about: is lyme disease curable? This becomes a crucial big question, since it is to most of lyme disease bearers are proven to have several disabilities if the disease is not treated well fast. However, before we go to the medical treatment you can take, we need to scrutinize every aspect of lyme disease first, including the brief explanation about what lyme disease actually is and its causes – which is very important, so you will be able to prevent the disease.

Lyme Disease and Its Causes

Lyme Disease is a kind of infection, which is caused by bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi . Usually, the bacteria penetrates human’s body when some kind of ticks – the one which has black legs – bite your skin, before it is condensed in your blood, and cause some malfunctions of your body. Commonly, the ticks are infected as they bite some wild animals, such as mice and deer that carry the bacteria. Not only that, you need to be careful if you have pets, for they often play around even in a dirty area, which exposes them to the bacteria.

Treatments for Lyme Disease

There are many symptoms of Lyme Disease, as they indicate a certain stage that you are in after getting bitten by the infected ticks. Commonly, you will have a high fever which is followed by nauseous feeling and massive headache. You will also have stiff necks while you feel sick all day. If you do not feel better in two days, you better go to the doctor right away. A blood test will be suggested for you, as it is positive that you are infected, you will need to be examined closely for around 30 days.

This aims to identify further symptoms, and to cure you faster. It will be much better to get treated in the early stages after all, before it spreads to your body systems. Usually, the medics will prescribe you antibiotics as the first aid, one of doxycycline after they succeed in identifying the tick and removing them from your body.

The range of time of consuming the antibiotics as well as the ingredients of them are various, it all depends on the stage of the disease, including the symptoms that your body shows. But answering is lyme disease curable is quite easy, for the doctors will provide you with the best antibiotics and pain medicines to lessen the suffering.

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