Is Lyme Disease Curable In Humans

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is lyme disease curable in humans? Lyme Disease can bring a huge destructive after-effect if it is not treated fast. This is why it is very crucial for people to understand the symptoms, so they will be able to get medical helps faster. If it is left without any appropriate medication, people will suffer from some health problems, especially those of their neurotic system. Not only does it decrease the body function such as digestion and reproductive systems, but it also will cause a malfunction of your heart as well as your respiratory system. Lyme Disease have several stages, from the mild until chronic Lyme Disease and Post-Treatment Lyme Disease.

All are equally crucial, especially when someone has reached the chronic Lyme System, where the life quality of the patient will be destroyed for around 72%. This is way higher than those who suffer from Asthma, Diabetes, or even Congestive Heart Failure whose lives are destroyed in the percentage of 31%, 46%, and 62%. Not only that, even 36% of the people who are diagnosed for having a mild Lyme Disease are reported to stay sick, even after the treatment they have been through. However, a private and exclusive medication should be conducted, for the degree of severity of the disease vary from one to another, and each of them needs a close daily supervision to determine whether or not they are having an improvement day by day.
Types of Cure for Lyme Disease
The International Lyme and Associated Disease Society considers Lyme Disease as one of the disease that is hard to be cured fully. This is because the treatment needs to be agreed by both the doctors and patients, so they can work it out together. The main keys of the cure lay on the presence of co infection as well as the response of each patient toward the medication itself. In mild lyme disease, commonly the patients are only suggested to take antibiotics on time for daily consumption. Usually, they pick one of the strongest antibiotics to tame the bacteria. Yet again, this is not really effective. They will only be able to cure the disease temporarily.

Let’s say, the first and second time the antibiotics will be able to suppress the bacteria. However, once your body system gets used to it, the bacteria might evolve, so the antibiotics will not work out anymore. This is why the doctors might suggest for a tick-borne co infection to answer the question is lyme disease curable in humans, but there is a possibility where the patient’s body will reject it during the process.

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