Irritable Bowel Disease Symptoms

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If you often suffer from stomach cramp followed by some other digestion issues, then you might as well be aware of irritable bowel disease symptoms. Irritable bowel syndromes might lead to more serious health problems if you ignore it without any medication. Often times, people think that it is only another common and light digestion problem, since the first symptoms it shows are similar.

However, it will always be smart to stay alert and aware when it comes to your health, right? So, know the symptoms, and grab the treatment fast before it is too late!

Abdominal pain and cramping
Irritable bowel disease, or what is called as irritable colon, often happens to people in early adulthood. Studies show that more women are identified to suffer from this disease, since they are most-likely to have a very sensitive bowel, where it often gets upset.

Usually, you will feel as if you have a sort of cramp, just like the one that you have when you are on the monthly period.
Later on, this is followed by intense pain on their abdomen.

When it attacks, the pain will intensify as it creates a dull feeling on their stomach. It might be temporarily cured if you fart, or if you take out feces. Yet again, the pain will resurface not long after that, just like a cycle.

The cause still remains unidentified, but the medics argue that environmental factors might be able to trigger it. Those factors include some changes of your schedules, such as daily routines, a massive amount of pressure that leads you to be overstressed, as well as infection due to improper diet.

Bloated stomach and nausea feeling
The most common symptoms that many the sufferers complain is nausea feeling. They often feel as if they are light-headed and dizzy, before then an intense headache will wash over them. Meanwhile, their stomach will feel so full, in which they will have a strong urge to puke the food that they have eaten.

However, the relief is also temporary, where their stomach is still bloated even after they have puked. This is caused by the excessive amount of gas inside their stomach.

A constipation might occur in other condition, where their stomach hurts so bad and they feel cold, even if they have wore many thick layers of clothes. The worse feeling about irritable bowel disease symptoms is you want to get the feces out due to the abdominal bloating, but nothing will come out because of the constipation.

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