Hypertensive And Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease

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Hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease is one of the dead causes in all over the world. The heart disease and complication involved are complicated and complex because the sufferers must be treated earlier. This situation can attack anyone, young people, or even old people. If it is not handled professionally and quickly, it can be proved that it becomes fatal.

Complex Process

Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease has a complex process. It is started at kids and manifest clinically in medium age. This process is especially affecting medium arteries. In the growth phase, this complex process consists of several processes. Firstly, it is fatty streak. This lesion grows at childhood era, macroscopic, and has yellow spots consisting of foam cells. The plaid muscle cells and macrophage contain lipid especially in the form of ester cholesterol. Secondly, fibrous plaque is another process.

This has white color and prominent into lumen artery. It contains several plaid cells and macrophage containing cholesterol and ester cholesterol. Lastly, it is complicated lesion. This lesion is a further shape of atheroma involving calcification, necrosis, thrombosis, and ulceration. Atherosclerosis starts white blood cells moving from blood flow into the artery and changed to be fatty substances. It causes thickening of blood vessel.

Blood Supply Limit Impacts

Hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease is happened due to hardening of the arteries. There are substances called as plaque being fat substance. When it is going to save in artery, it can cause atherosclerosis. It is caused by the blood supply to heart limited and surely makes chest pain or heart attack suddenly. Though this problem can influence a body endurance and strength, it is riskily affecting aorta, coronary, and carotid. Be careful on those conditions. This is likely happened when you are young. It is important to consider the health history of patients to predict and take a further action.

Hypertension Effect

The worst thing is hypertension effect. Cardiovascular disease is closely related to hypertension disease. For those suffering it, they surely suffer atherosclerosis and a number of the other vascular and cardiac diseases from cerebral and coronary vessel. This is in turns having negative effects on brain and heart.

This situation can cause hemorrhaging on the brain. Another important aspect is sometimes artery in atherosclerotic getting narrowed so that it almost has no blood supply. You should check up routinely to maintain your body health and hypertension level. These are several things about hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

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