How To Prevent Legionnaires Disease

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Sometimes people may feel uncomfortable to their health condition because they feel unhealthy. Some people may suffer from the cough and flu. They may think that cough and flu are not serious matter. They think that they just need to take a rest for a while.

However, have you ever heard about legionnaires disease? Basically, it is the disease that may cause problem to your lungs. Do you know about the symptoms of legionnaires diseases? The symptoms are fever, cough, and chills. So, it is better for you to know more about legionnaires diseases and know how to prevent legionnaires disease.

The Transmission of Legionnaires Diseases

This disease is often caused by the breathing in of the aerosolized water and the soil which is contaminated by the Legionella bacteria. Some studies have clearly stated that the legionnaires disease is not transmitted from one person to another. If we take a look at the one case in 2014, we can see that the spread can be from one person who is sick to the caregiver.

This situation is rarely happen because it is transmitted by the direct contact of the surgical wounds and the contaminated water. The bacteria of the the legionnaires disease grows in the warm temperatures. Then, you need to know about how to prevent legionnaires disease.

How to Prevent Legionnaires Diseases

Even though the risk of the Legionnaires diseases can be spread by the unhealthy water systems. We cannot eliminate the situation. We just can reduce it by enforcing and writing the systematic and detail water healthy and safety plan. You should know more about the application of those water for the facilities, such as hotel, office building, cruise ship, hospital, spa, and any other facilities. You also need to know some important things about the prevention of legionnaires diseases. First, you need to keep the temperature of the water.

You should keep the water temperature between 20 up to 50 degree C. You should also prevent the stagnation. You can try to remove the pipes of the network in the sections that do not have any outlet or people often call it the dead ends. If the stagnation is unavoidable, you just need to do operations.

Knowing more about the legionnaires disease is very important to do. You should also know about the transmission of legionnaires diseases and how to prevent legionnaires diseases. You need to know about it to prevent this disease.

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