How Long Has Dental Disease Existed

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Do you wondering how long has dental disease existed? The dental disease has been existed from Egyptians era. If you want to know further about dental disease exist and the history, then there are several things that you can do such as reading a book or this dental flash card. You might be laity person who curious about your dental disease and health. This guideline will help you briefly about dental disease, treatment and health.

How Long Has Dental Disease Existed
How Long Has Dental Disease Existed

What is Periodontal disease

When your hand get bleed, you might notice immediately and you will be so concerned for heal it. However, how many you think it is normal for bleed when they are flossing or brushing teeth? The study from US national institute of Health finds that there are half of American people that over 30s have bleeding gum.

The bleeding gum and swollen is the earlier signs for bacterial infection in gum. If there is nothing done, there is spread infection. The infection cans causes the structures destroyed that support your teeth jawbone. This result your teeth loose.

The causes of periodontal disease

It has been accepted that bacterial in dental plaque becomes the major causes of dental disease. The gum disease has been linked into other health problem that makes this disease has known for affect entire health. Bacteria in plaque become the villains for dental disease.

Plaque is the sticky substances formed into teeth immediately when get brushed. In order to get rid of the bacteria, the immune system will release substances that inflame or damage the gums. This will lead into bleeding gum, swollen, and any signs of gingivitis. Gingivitis is the earlier stage of periodontal disease.

Prevent the periodontal disease
To prevent periodontal disease, then practice good oral hygiene and have dentist visit regularly is help much for you. The regular dental visit is taken every 6 month, but if you are already have gum disease, then you need to meet often. It is important for having daily teeth brushing and flossing that done by correctly as it will help for remove the most of buildup plaque in your teeth.

Have professional plaque cleaning will make your plaques under control in places that hard to reach with dental floss or brush. Eventually, the plaque is spreads under gum line and bacteria are protected in there as the brush cannot reach it.

If you do not remove the plaque, then the bacteria will continue for spread and gum inflammation will worsening. This will give you drawn about how long has dental disease existed before it get damage entirely.

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