Gestational Diabetes Symptoms During Pregnancy

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Have you ever heard a diabetes which is only happening during pregnancy? It’s Gestational diabetes. This disease is not usual than other diabetes disease, because it only comes during pregnancy. This diabetes affects 6% of all the women who are pregnant. Now, we are going to tell you about Gestational diabetes symptoms during pregnancy. In addition, firstly we will tell you the causes and other information about gestational diabetes disease.

The causes of gestational diabetes

Generally, gestational diabetes begins between the week of 24 and 28 during pregnancy. It happens when the hormones from the placenta block the insulin from doing its job. The insulin itself, is a hormone which is produced in the pancreas which regulates the body’s metabolism of fats and carbs. This hormone also helps the body turns sugar into energy. If the insulin which is produced cannot overcome the effect of the increased hormones, the blood sugar levels rise and gestational diabetes will arise as well.

The most risk of getting gestational diabetes

If we are obese or overweight, the gestational diabetes easily comes to your body. The weight which is over than normal, affects the ability of insulin to properly maintain blood sugar levels. Moreover, some experts said that women who had higher levels of tummy fat, are likely to be diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

Besides, if we have a family member which has diabetes, the risk of getting gestational diabetes is also higher. Not only that, it’s also found that the woman who are over the age of 35 have a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes.

The diagnosis of gestational diabetes

The gestational diabetes can be known by a urine test at every office visit. The result from the practice of checking the sugar in your urine, can be a report whether we have gestational diabetes or not. Usually, this test is implemented between weeks 24 and 28 during pregnancy.

Before the test, we will be asked to drink a drink which contains sugar. This practice immediately increases your blood sugar levels. After waiting an hour, the doctor will take your blood to see whether your body can overcome that sugar or not. If the result shows that your blood sugar is 140 mg/dL or higher, you will be asked to fast for a couple of hours and take the next blood test.

The preventive actions of gestational diabetes

You need to stay active. Daily exercise will help your body to burn the glucose even the insulin in your body is less produced. Yet, this way has to be done under the guidance of the expert practitioner. The next is eat healthy food. By consuming healthy foods, the gestational can be prevented before it comes to your body. In addition, to get the best action, it’s better for you to ask and consul to the doctor as well.

The symptoms of gestational diabetes

The women may experience some things. The women who have gestational diabetes usually feel unusual thirst. The other abnormal things are frequent urination in large amounts and fatigue. Yet, Gestational diabetes symptoms during pregnancy don’t have clear signs, but the women may experience few things.

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