Examples Of Autoimmune Diseases

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Autoimmune is one of the dangerous and deathly diseases since it is closely related to someone’s immune system. The good and healthy cells can be attacked by its own immune system even its function is actually to protect our body from many kinds of virus and bacteria. In other words, it is the disorder of immune system. The more unfortunate thing is that the types of immune system disorder are numerous even more than 80. It is impossible then to explain all kinds of those autoimmune diseases. However, there are some of them that are commonly found around us. What are they? Check them out.

Examples Of Autoimmune Diseases
Examples Of Autoimmune Diseases

Diabetes Type 1

Diabetes Type 1 is different from the type 2 which is caused by bad healthy lifestyle. Diabetes Type 1 is a condition when the patient is really depending on the insulin and he or she cannot be totally cured. It is due to the insulin that cannot be produced well because of the damage of pancreas. Despite the genetic factors and the damage of pancreas, it is also because of the immune system that attacks the pancreatic system.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

This disease is also known as the joint inflammation. There is antibody that is produced by the body as the immune system. However, the antibody then attacks the layer of joints. If this condition is not cured or prevented as soon as possible, the permanent damage can be occurred around the joints. There are some other things that can increase the risks of Rheumatoid Arthritis; they are the genetic factor and bad habits like smoking.


This disease attacks the skin in which the problem is firstly occurred due to the very active immune system namely T cell. The early symptoms are when your skin feel so painful and itchy mainly on the scalp, elbows, and knees. This condition can be more severe if you also consume wrong or inappropriate drugs. There are some ways to prevent this disease including consuming fish oil and smearing moisturizer and Aloe Vera on the skin which is itchy and wounded.


If you find your skin become thicken, it can be one of the autoimmune diseases namely Scleroderma that attacks some parts of skin like legs, hands, and face, even some internal organs like the system of respiratory and digestive. If the condition is severe, it can be really deathly anyway. Therefore, if you find those symptoms, you should do some checkups immediately. Those are then some examples of autoimmune diseases.

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