Diseases That Affect The Circulatory System

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Diseases that affect the circulatory system are a type of dangerous and fairly risky disease. It is able to claim the life of people. Blood is an important component in the body influencing the performance of body organs. If the circulatory system has some problems, it causes several health disorders involving minor health disorders. Generally, the diseases can decrease your body health. Here is the list of those diseases.

Varicose Veins
Varicose Veins is one of the ailments disturbing circulatory system of people. It appears when vena vessel has dilation and meandering. This is caused by a blockage on circulatory system. As a consequence, blood circulation directs to the heart blocked and can cause backflow of blood flow. You still concern on this disease though it is not dangerous.

Hypertension is one of diseases that affect the circulatory system. This disease is happened if systole and diastole exceed a normal limit and level. Hypertension is signed by systole reaching more than 140 mmHg and or diastole reaching 99 mmHg. The cause of this circulatory system is varied for every person. Hypertension is caused by kidney disease, smoking, consuming alcohol, obesity, and even a genetic factor.

This is the opposite of hypertension. Hypotension is low blood pressure. This disease on the circulatory system is caused by the upper normal systole and diastole amount. This low blood pressure disease is inflicted by some problems. One of the factors is bleeding. For example, women getting menstruation and doing a tight diet can reduce the number of blood pressure. General symptoms of hypotension are tired, weak, and lethargic.

Heart Disease
Heart disease is one of the dangerous diseases on the blood circulation. If it has been chronic, the most harmful risk is the death. There are several types of heart diseases. What are they? Those are coroner heart, heart failure, and heart disorders. Coroner heart is a heart disease caused by the disorders of blood circulatory system on coronary vessels. Meanwhile, heart disorders can be caused by some things. One of the factors is the same cause of coronary heart disease. Heart failure is a condition where heart contraction has problems and disorders causing blood volume in the body.

This disease is very familiar to many people. This is a very dangerous disease because it can bring you to the death. Leukemia is a disease caused by the excessive leukocyte growth. This has a huge possibility caused by radioactive light, virus infection, and chemical substance consumption. Even, it is influenced by genetic factor. The shown symptoms are pale skin, bleeding in the nose, decreased weight, weak, and fever for some days. Those are several diseases that affect the circulatory system.

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