Diseases In The Circulatory System

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For you who want to change the way of your life to become more healthy and better, you need to avoid something that is bad for your health such as smoking, and consuming any kinds of food excessively. Maintaining the circulatory system of yours is very important to keep healthy. If you get some diseases in the circulatory system, it is very bad that you need to handle it immediately before it is too late.

But, do you know what is the circulatory system? Circulatory system is blood from the left heart which is flowing to the smallest artery. Now let’s begin to know further about the diseases and the causes.

Diseases In The Circulatory System
Diseases In The Circulatory System

The Type of Diseases In The Circulatory System

If you are ailing one of the diseases in the circulatory system, you need to notice about what kinds of disease that you get. There are some various kinds of disease in the circulatory sistem. You can see them on the list below.

  1. Cardiovascular disease. The disease attacks your heart and to the blood vessel, it can cause a stroke and heart attack
  2. Coronary heart disease. The disease is caused by the constriction of the blood vessel which is supplied for cardiac muscle
  3. Congestive heart failure. The disease happens because the cardiac muscle is not able to pump to the blood vessel. Generally, person who are ailing this disease that the person who have a high blood pressure

The Causes of Diseases In The Circulatory System

After knowing all the details about the diseases in the circulatory system, let’s discuss further about the causes of the diseases, so that we can do some prevention to maintain our life healthier. The first one that we are going to discuss is the causes of coronary heart disease. The causes is because smoking, high blood pressure, less of work out. Then, people who have a high rate to get a stroke is for people who are aging, smoking also the main reason to get stroke, so that while you were young and you smoke some cigarettes everyday, you will get the result in your old day while you are aging. That is why you need to stop smoking starting from now. The next one is the diseases called congestive heart failure, the causes of the diseases because of the person have a high blood pressure and obesity. To prevent the obesity, you need to eat lunch, breakfast and your food in the properly portion. Not too much.

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