Define crohn’s disease

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Define crohn’s disease from early will help sufferer from this disease. Crohn’s disease is condition of inflammation in the digestive system lining in long term. Inflammation is available to influence in part of digestive system, start from mouth into back passage, but it is mostly common occurs in the last section in the colon or in the ileum.
Symptom of crohn’s disease

The symptom from crohn’s disease cans presence in diarrhea, abdominal pain, faituge, unintended weight loss, and there are presence of blood and mucus in faeces or stools. People that suffer from crohn’s disease can suffer from remission for weeks or years to last in period. The symptoms occur is depend from the disease occur in bowel and the severity.

Define crohn's disease
Define crohn’s disease

Causes of crohn’s disease

The exact causes from this disease are still in debate, but there are several research that can be as reference for the factors that causes this diseases.

  • The first is genetic causes. People who have parents with crohn’s disease is increasing the risk for develop the crohn’s disease.
  • The system of immune. Inflammation can be occurred from immune system problem. This can causes by body that defence from infection and illness.
  • Previous infection can trigger system of immune for abnormal response when the infection against body again.
  • Smoking. It is shows that smoker with crohn’s disease have heavier symptom than the sufferer without smoking habit.
  • Factors from environmental. The crohn’s disease are common to meet in western countries such as UK, and it is less from the part of Afrika. This research suggest that environment also influence to the factors that causes this disease.

Treating crohn’s disease

In recently, there are no permanent treatment for cure crohns disease, but as the treatment is focus on stop the process of inflammatory, then there are several steps that can be done.

  • First medication is steroid medication for reduce the symptom.
  • The second treatment is medication for suppress immune system.
  • The last medication that suggest for disease is surgery for remove the inflamed section.

Crohn’s disease is relatively Extraordinary and this can affect into people from all ages include children. The most cases develop the disease are ages 16-30. Overtime, the inflammation in long period affect digestive system and able to damage it. The complication can result condition such as narrowing intestine, or channel that develop between bowel end and skin. By define crohn’s disease from early it can reduce the symptom and prevent from worsening complication.

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