Circulatory System Disease

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Circulatory system disease affects blood and circulatory system. That blood circulation system can have some disorders and problems of genetic factors. The disease can impact to blood circulation and circulatory system. You have to recognize what the disease reduces your health and get related to the circulation system.


The first disease is anemia. It is a condition in which a person gets lack of blood so that flow blood on the blood vessel is deficit. Surely, it causes the blood circulation to body parts and organs not optimal. This disease is caused by several factors. Those are genetic factor, lack of mineral and nutrition, busy activities without the assumption of healthy foods. Anemia usually appears several general symptoms to the sufferers. Those are tired and weak body, risky to suffer some kinds of disease, and not focusing on doing activities.
Anemia is one of the easy circulatory diseases to prevent and cure. You should find the steps on how to prevent anemia. Firstly, you should manage food consumption with the choice of high nutrition foods. You can take a rest and prevent many activities. Don’t forget to drink supplement of blood booster if it is needed. Eat foods containing high iron like meat, and nuts. You should drink much water to prevent this circulatory system disease.

Heart Failure

Heart disease is a kind of circulatory system disease. This is related to blood vessel circulation. Heart failure happens to you when your heart is failed to work optimally. This is generally caused by the strength of contractions from heart reducing. This makes the low supply of blood to all body parts.

The heart disorders result several appearing symptoms. The symptoms are easy to get weak, breathless, chest pain, swelling of the pulmonary and lungs, and swelling on the legs. Be careful on this disease because it can make you die quickly.


What else a circulatory system disease? It is a disease and disorder on the blood. It is closely related to blood circulation. Hemophilia is a condition where blood has difficulties to clotting. It is making the sufferers get bleeding abnormally. Though you got small wound, it is getting more serious. The general cause of hemophilia is genetic factor. You should consult it to the doctor if your family suffers it. It is useful to apply anticipation steps for this disease. When it is not handled well, this may bring death to the sufferers. Be aware of this circulatory system disease.

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