Celiacs Disease Symptoms

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Celiacs disease symptoms can vary from one sufferer to another. Celiacs disease refers to health problem in which our body intolerances gluten. Gluten is a specific protein encountered in wheat, barley, and most of the grain. This protein contributes to elastic texture in dough and chewy texture when it is made into bread.

People who suffer from celiacs disease when consuming foods containing gluten the body will negatively react to it and causes damage on the part wall in small intestines. Thus, people who suffer from this disease have to consume gluten-free foods. These are some symptoms which show the possibility of getting this disease.

Commons symptoms of celiacs disease

Celiac disease is often misinterpreted as an allergy. However, this disease is not similar with food allergy. Hence, the symptoms will be different with common allergy. If we are allergic to grain products such as barley, then we might get itchy feeling or perhaps difficulty in breathing when we eat to any grain product.

However, when we suffer from celiacs disease and by coincidence eating any food containing gluten, then you will get intestinal problems. The signs and symptoms of this disease can be various and different from one person to another. But, the common symptoms of celiacs disease for adults are diarrhea as one of the intestinal problems. Other symptoms commonly appear including fatigue and weight loss.

Intestinal problems other than diarrhea are often experienced bloating and gas. Some other might suffer from abdominal pain which can be uncomfortable and disturb the activities. There are also people who get constipation or experience vomiting.

Symptoms of celiacs disease in adults

Even though the majority of celiacs disease in adults is usually associated with intestinal problems, there are also a number of symptoms which do not relate to it. Nausea is another symptom which still has association with intestines. When experiencing nausea, then it frequently will lead to loss of appetite. Sometimes the appearance of mouth ulcers also can be the signs of intolerance to gluten.

Although it might requires further examination, if you have severe or frequent mouth ulcers, you should be little bit hesitant that you suffer from this disease. Besides fatigue, people who are intolerant to this protein can experience headache as well. Hence, you need to be aware if you do not suffer from specific disease but get headache too often. Although it might be a bit rare but people can experience loss of bone density as one of celiacs disease symptoms.

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