Celiac disease symptoms in children Part II

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Celiac disease symptoms in children are a nightmare for every parents in this world. This is because this disease will affect them in a very long time and caused abnormality of their growth and health.

Celiac disease symptoms in children Part II
Celiac disease symptoms in children Part II

Celiac disease and children

If some of celiac disease symptoms in children is seen, parent usually go hysteric and start to worry because they do not know the cause. Often, they do not know that if their family line have a history with celiac disease, someday their children have a chance to have a celiac disease too. This disease does not compromise with age. They will affect people in different age categories, including children.

Celiac disease is a disease where a person cannot react well of a nutrient named gluten. It is a nutrient contained in grain based foods like bread and wheat. This disease will destroy human’s part named villi, located in intestine. This is horrendous because it will affect children’s body in absorbing nutrients from the food.

Since children need various nutrients from food, celiac disease sufferers absolutely have their health troubled because of lacking nutrients. If a child has been diagnosed and have a celiac disease, parents should take a preventive action and start to consult with nearest nutritionist.

Signs of celiac disease in children

It is better to do a preventive action to minimize the effect of celiac disease before going into a doctor. We know that celiac disease is caused by the reaction between immune system that gone wrong with gluten. If we want to do a preventive action, first we need to know the signs of children who suffer from celiac disease. The first thing is that children with celiac disease often times experienced decreased appetite. We know that children is picky with their food. This case will be amplified if celiac disease attack.

This will limit the choice of food that children can eat and causing a discomfort for them. Lack of nutrients will lead a child into late puberty and growth problems. Children who have far below average height and weight maybe considered to suffer from celiac disease. Delayed puberty could be experienced by children with this disease because lack of nutrients means a child’s hormone production will be affected by the number of nutrients that enter their body. Swollen belly often times happened to celiac disease sufferers, especially children.

This will lead parents or doctors to misdiagnose a child for having other digestive disease symptoms aside from celiac. Information on celiac disease symptoms in children should be taught to parents in order to avoid misdiagnosis and avoid further risk.

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