Autoimmune Disease Hair Loss

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What is autoimmune? Autoimmune is a disease that happens when our immune system attacks its own body tissue. Actually, the immune system is really advantageous to prevent disease caused by virus and bacteria. However, because of the misidentification, the immune system also attacks the healthy substances inside the body. Based on some researches done recently, autoimmune disease is more often experienced by women than men.

There are so many symptoms that can be simply detected when someone is suffering the autoimmune. They are inflammation, fatigue, itchiness, fever, brain fog, and hair loss. For the hair loss, there are some matters that you should know related to the autoimmune.

Autoimmune Disease Hair Loss
Autoimmune Disease Hair Loss

Not all the autoimmune diseases has hair loss symptom

The term autoimmune is basically only a generalization to call some similar diseases. However, not all people with autoimmune has hair loss as one of the symptoms. Here are then several types of autoimmune with hair loss. They are Alopecia Areata, Hipotiroidisme, and Lupus. Alopecia areata is caused by a kind of chronic inflammation in which the effects can be up to the hair folicles.

There are some symptoms that can be recognized like patch and some small balds on the scalp. For men, the symptoms are more than that; it is possible that there will be some balds occurred on the beards. Hipotiroidisme, on the other hand is when the tyroid hormone produced is less than the normal ones. Lastly, Lupus is is signed by the aging of someone like the appearance of wrinkles. Sure, since firstly Lupus attacks your skin, your scalp can be in problems as well. Therefore, hair loss is something that cannot be prevented once you suffer this disease.

It is permanent hair loss

Unfortunately, hair loss caused by autoimmune is considered as permanent. It means that your hair cannot simply grow up without any special treatments. On some cases, the hair loss is probably not really acute so that it is not bald or something. However, if the autoimmune disease is already severe, the baldness is something that cannot be avoided. So, what should be done? Of course, doing treatment regularly and starting to have the healthier lifestyle is something you can do.

Interestingly, there are actually chances that your hair can grow longer like normal people as long as your condition is getting better also. It seems that many people just have experienced it. So, don’t give up even if you are one of those people with autoimmune disease hair loss.

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